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Shredder & Wood Chipper

A shredder or wood chipper machine is an ideal way to dispose of branches and twigs on a regular basis. The wood chipper chops up bulky wood waste into easily transportable chippings, which can be composted, or burned as fuel for heating systems using wood chippings. Wood chippers create small wood chippings, which can be used to add a rustic effect to any landscape. Shredders drastically reduce bulky conifer branches, which are usually difficult to dispose of, thus reducing the volume of material to be transported and therefore the cost. Electric, petrol powered or tractor power-take-off driven shredders and chippers are available.

Amongst others, we are authorised distributors for Rapid and Bearcat. More product information can be found on the manufacturers’ websites.

Our service and repair ddepartment ensures your shredder and chipper is maintained to a high standard. We also supply spare parts for shredders and wood chippers.

Please contact us or a discussion or for more information about our shredders and chippers, and to ask about our free no obligation demonstration.

YouTube Video      Bear Cat Chipper