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We Sharpen Cyclinders Blade, Chainsaws & Rotary Blades

We have a precision cylinder grinder, as well as bench and hand held sharpening grinders and a full range of sharpening wheels to allow us to sharpen all types of garden machinery.

Cylinder Blades: With our precision Express Dual cylinder grinder we can sharpen lawnmower cylinders up to 36 inches. We have a separate grinder designed specifically for sharpening the bottom blades of cylinder mowers, and another grinder for QX cassette mowers.

Rotary Blades:As well as sharpening your rotary mower blade, we will balance the blade to ensure minimum vibration which could loosen internal structural bolts, and accelerate engine wear.

Chainsaws: Our Oregon Bench Chain Grinder allows us to sharpen most chainsaw chains quickly and expertly. Our expert technicians will advise whether a chain is worth sharpening, and if so will often sharpen it while you wait.

Hedge Trimmer: We can sharpen most types of hedge trimmers including single-sided and double-sided hedge trimmers, electric hedge trimmers and petrol hedge trimmers.

Garden Tools: Long handled Shears, short handled Shears, axes, spades, lawn edging tools and many other types of gardening tools can also be sharpened.

Cylinder Blade Sharpening
Chainsaw Blade Sharpening
Blade Sharpening

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